Glamour to run m-Commerce Ads

Glamour m-Commerce Advert

Glamour, the fashion and lifestyle magazine, has announced that it is going to be running a series of print ads which will allow their readers to purchase items by scanning items in the adverts with their smartphones.

In a recent issue, the magazine ran a 'social issue', where readers where given instructions on using QR (quick response) codes to 'like' their advertisers on Facebook, explaining that it would lead to future exclusive discounts from their advertisers products.

The social edition, aimed at using the advertisements to boost advertisers social media presence, was seen as a success, with brands such as Gap, Skinny Cow and Lancome seeing a solid approximate 5% response rate.

The upcoming March issue, branded as 'the instant gratification isse', has already attracted a larger interest from potential advertisers.

This is yet further proof of the increasing need to be actively involved in social media to ensure your business is not left behind the times. If you are unsure of how to make your first steps into the social media arena, be sure to check out Social Media Training UK website by using the link at the top of this article.


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