Future of Flash Player plunged into doubt

Adobe cuts jobs

Adobe today announced that it would be axing 750 jobs, with rumours springing up that development will no longer continue on its Flash plug-in for mobile devices.

The cuts, affecting Adobe in both Europe and North America, represent almost 10% of the companies workforce.

Although there is no official comment from Adobe, it is believed that the refusal of Apple to allow the flash plug-in onto iPads and iPhones coupled with the blow that Microsoft will not support Flash for a Windows 8 browser, has forced Adobe into a reconsidertaion of its mobile technology development. The player does feature on Android phones and other tablet devices such as Blackberry's Playbook.

With the continued development and integration of HTML5, we believe that the long-running battle between Apple and Adobe has finally seen the winner.

If you are wondering how this may affect you and your useage of Social Media the truth is that it probably won't. The technologies you and your customers use everyday are not dependent on Flash plug-in, and thankfully "the show will go on!"


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