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Facebook training courses

Did you know Facebook offers completely free Anti-Virus software to its users?

Six months ago, Facebook launched a new security initiative that allowed users to download anti-virus packages from a number of selected partners.

Now, as of October 2012, Facebook has expanded the options available to users with a range of new partnerships. 

Security products from Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, Panda, Total Defense and Webroot are now available for download from Facebook.

We're often surprised Facebook seems to hide many of its best features and the Anti-Virus Marketplace is a good example. 

This is further evidenced by the fact that only 3% of Facebook's one billion users have even visited the page since it was launched.

These are genuinely free security products for download. 

There are now 11 products for download for Windows based PC's and 6 for Apple Mac platforms.  There are also 2 applications for Mobile devices, one from Norton and one from McAfee.


Facebook training courses


Facebook let's you click on a "Learn more" button to read about the specific features of each available product and you can then download and install your choice immediately.

In recent years Facebook has made a point of trying to address as many security concerns as possible.  New initiatives include:

  1. Facebook Security page
  2. Anti-virus Marketplace page
  3. Take Action hints and tips page
  4. Facebook Security blog
  5. URL Blacklist (Link Shim) system

There is a mass of information available from Facebook on general security matters and their coverage of both major PC platforms (Windows and OSX) along with Mobiles is good to see.

Questions remain on the related matter of Privacy, without doubt, but we'll bring you more on that as we hear of any developments.



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