Foursquare map data revealed

Social Media Training - Foursquare provides more retailer benefits

Foursquare, the social mapping/check-in network has revealed a very interesting map of user activity.

We've been advocating the use of Foursquare in the UK for a long time now. The potential benefit to retailers in unquestionable and it still offers an almost unique method of pushing offers out to potential customers in your vicinity.

The system they've made accessible lets you see Foursquare "Check-in's" in any location.  London, New York, even by postcode - you can see on a black and white map how many people have used Foursquare in your area.

Data shown on the map covers the last 500,000,000 (yes, that's a big number number!) check-in's and if you're a retailer in the UK it gives you a fantastic opportunity to visual the potential of Foursquare in your area.


London, on the Foursquare Visual Data map

Social Media Training - Foursquare Map


Birmingham, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Manchester - wherever you are, take the chance to look at how many people might be passing your very doorstep or checking in to locations next to you.

The point is that UK use of Foursquare still disappoints.  It isn't at a level that we feel it could be and much of the blame for that should be put firmly at the door of Foursquare in our opinion.  Public and commercial knowledge of the brand and the social network it offers simply isn't what it shouid be.

We like the platform, the features continue to improve and the mobile application is better, slicker and easier to use than ever.

Map data can be viewed by satellite image, number of check-in's or standard map view.  The satellite view is excellent for ease of locating where the main activity is taking place.

You can also zoom in and out of the map - and it can be rather addictive!

You can try the system out for yourself by clicking on the map example above or visiting this link (it'll take you to the map of London and you can search for wherever you want from there).

Even if you don't think you'll find a great deal of commercial use for Foursquare, try it as normal end user.  You might be surprised how many offers appear in major locations and the money you can save at times.




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