Facebooks heading to Lapland

Facebook in Lapland

Facebook is creating it's first non-US based data centre in the heart of the homeland of Father Christmas. Lulea, based in Northern Sweden, is near centre of the area known as Lapland.

Several reasons make this an excellent choice for Facebook's new home, none more so than the temperature. The air outside will allow natural cooling of its servers for 10 months of the year!

Further attractions to the site include the cheap electricity and the green renewable energy the site will use. Facebook is committed to being as energy efficient as possible.

With the recent announcement that Facebook continues to rapidly grow (mentioned yesterday on this blog was that Facebook has now reached 800 million users!) it obviously needs to continue to increase the server capabilities it can support.

The new facilities in Sweden are going to cover 30,000 square metres. An impressive 11 football pitches! It will process the data of the Facebook sites of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


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