Facebook vs LinkedIn vs Twitter vs Google+

Social Media Platforms

The social media war is truly raging.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Google+ all offer small businesses an excellent platform to market their company, services, offers and promotions, but Social Media Training wondered, which is best?

What platfrom are small businesses actively using and feeling the benefit from the most?

Our friends over at iContact ran a survey of over 1,000 small businesses on how they rated the use of the social media powerhouses. There was a clear winner... Facebook.

Facebook had a 75% approval rating as the most successful marketing platform from small business owners. (Those in the travel and tourism giving FB a 90% approval rating!)

Somewhat surprisingly, LinkedIn came in next with a 63% approval rating.

LinkedIn proved to be most popular with companies with an annual revenue of higher than $25m.

Twitter gained just over half (56%) with a favourable rating. Google+ slightly lower on 48%.  We find these two statistics questionable - Twitter has a huge following, Google+ is a relative newcomer - and in our experience Twitter has brought huge benefits to businesses, so we're unsure of the quality of the survey group.

Groupon, a web based marketing offers website, proved least favourable with a minnow-like 30% approval rating - but it is a social media platform that many businesses often dismiss.

From the survey, Social Media Training found one statistic not only surprising, but highly alarming - 1 in 4 business are still not using social media in any form at all.

With such a tough economic climate, and the availability of highly affordable marketing methods in the most modern media available, we cannot understand any business being without any form of social media presence.


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