Facebook to introduce retailers dream button

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The title of this blog entry should be more of a question than a statement, but if various articles are to be believed then Facebook will be introducing a new button that could be every retailers dream.

The "Want" button.

The general concensus seems to be that you'll be able to click the "Want" button when you see a product or service that you "Want" and that it'll be added to what might be considered a "Wishlist".

Just a few minutes thought on the potential of this new feature will have most retailers planning how they might capitalise on it, and so they should.

A Like button is one thing, but actually knowing that a potential customer "Wants" your product and service, and being able to see who they are and potentially interact directly with them, is something completely different.

Imagine the possibilities:

The potential is vast.

Some commentators have likened the rumoured feature to that which already exists on Pinterest, but the global audience and time spent on Facebook is so large that if it does arrive it's sure to become something that marketeers will be quick to take to.

As of yet nothing is confirmed.  The official Facebook line, given to Mashable, was quoted as:

"We’re always looking for new features for the platform.  However, we have nothing new to announce."

We'll keep watching for movement on this one.



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