Facebook tests profile completeness

Facebook tests profile progress

Mashable has reported that Facebook is testing a "profile completeness" feature.

Users of LinkedIn will be familiar with this type of system.  You're advised as to how complete your profile is by means of a progress bar and percentage, with the obvious aim of getting you to reach 100%.

They say a number of users have been shown a progress bar suggesting they need to complete elements that one can presume will be in the "About Me" section.

Oddly enough they've also said that what the feature doesn't do is tell you what parts of your profile are missing!  So, you have to hunt around to find them. 

There'll be users asking what possible use this could be to Facebook but the benefits are immediately apparent - advertising. 

By providing Facebook with all the elements of data they ask for, you give them more information with which advertisers can target you.

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If you've not listed your location, you can't be targeted by advertisers wanting to hit a specific geographical region.  If you've not given many Interests, or any at all, then a Facebook advertiser again loses an method with which to set you apart from other users.

We're not sure of the test user base that Facebook has trialled this with as we haven't seen it ourselves. 

Nonetheless, it's an interesting development and perhaps further evidence that Facebook is rapidly looking for ways to increase the potential of its advertising systems.

Now that it's a publically listed company it has shareholders who'll want to see a return on their investment, and the immediate months after flotation haven't gone well for Facebook

If you've seen the progress bar or anything suggesting you should complete more elements of your profile ("About Me") let us know!



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