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Reports from various sources over the last few days suggest that Facebook is close to revealing a "Reply" function for Timeline posts.

Unlike many rumours that surround the social media giant, this suggestion seems to carry substantial weight through a quote from a Facebook representative given to the online technology site, Mashable.

As regular Facebook users will be aware, threads of Facebook that receive more than a handful of posts can often be difficult to track the path of a conversation. 

At the moment, you can "Comment" on the top most status update in a thread, but not to subsequent posts directly.

This often leads to people referencing comments from others, seperated by a tranche of other users feedback, and confusion over who is saying what to who!

Facebook to introduce reply button - Social Media Training

Users have learned to manage threads of this type a little more cleanly by referencing the person they intended their comment for in Twitter style (i.e. such as @Mary or @John Smith) or by showing the persons full name in their comment.

The new function would see a "Reply" link become available on all posts in a Timeline thread. 

So, you'll see sub-conversations of the main thread and this should make the flow of timeline conversations significantly easier to read. 

Brand administrators on Facebook will almost certainly welcome this introduction as it also gives a perceived connection to an individual and the personal touch that can sometimes be lost.

It is interesting to note Facebook look set to launch this whilst they've also been experimenting with Sound Alerts for users.  They're said to be planning to notify users of when a reply/post is made on their timeline with an audible tone.

Users of the FaceTab Pro application already know what this will mean - lots of annoying little noises in the course of your day and an urge to turn the volume down on your computer!

Nonetheless, the Reply function would be a welcome development and from what we're hearing it'll be arriving very soon (possibly imminently).



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