Facebook prepares to unveil latest projects

Facebook announces press event

Facebook has sent out an invitation to press delegates for an event to take place at its headquarters in Menlo Park (California) next week.

Starting at 10am on January 15th there has been no information provided as to what the content of the event will be.

It is widely known that Facebook has been experimenting with yet further amendments to the Timeline structure and this is currently being trailled on users in New Zealand - but there's no indication this will be covered in the press event.


What might Mr Zuckerberg be grinning about now?

Facebook Training Courses


We're more inclined to think the event will announce the next stage of Facebook's onslaught into ecommerce and retail.  It has been building its portfolio of partners for the Facebook Gifts App over time.

Perhaps the announcement will headline a wider release of Gifts - globally or to its large and keen-to-spend European market?

If we hear any further before the date we'll let you know, but it's safe to say you can expect some reasonably big changes or developments to be announced next week.


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