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If you're at the beginning of building a company page on Facebook, or even if you're looking for assistance in improving one you run at present, you might be surprised at the resources at your disposal.

It often surprises us how many companies or page owners aren't aware of some of the basics in page construction, marketing and best practice.

In this respect, Facebook is keen to help you improve.

That's why you'll find two very helpful resources within the Admin menu of any page.

Click on Help in the Admin menu and a menu will appear as shown below:

Facebook Training


The two resources are a Pages Product Guide that you'll find incredibly useful and a Learning Video that takes you, step by step, through creation, updates and all manner of useful information on maintaining your Facebook presence.

These are free to use guides that are often overlooked by regular users and appear to be rarely seen by those new to Facebook pages in our experience.

They don't teach you sector specific methods or show you a great deal about how to integrate your pages in a way that will help you reach a wider audience, but they do provide a very good grounding.

Even if you've been running a page for some time, take a look at them - you might be surprised at what you can learn.



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