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Facebook Timeline Changes begin - Social Media Training

Hot on the heels of their announcement of a Press Event, reports suggest that Facebook has begun the roll out of a new timeline.

Whilst many users will sigh in frustration at the implementation of further changes, evidence to date suggests the new batch of changes add configuration and display options rather than represent fundamental re-engineering.

It has been widely known that Facebook has been trialling a new layout on sections of users in New Zealand for some time.  Today brings the news that these changes have now been deployed to all users in the country.

Previous Facebook deployment methods would point to this meaning the beginning of a global roll-out of changes - and the fact they've arranged a Press Event for next week would also fit with the reports.

So, what has been noticed so far?

Social Media Training - Facebook Timeline Changes

The new layout sees the traditional collection (and that's an appropriate word as you'll see soon) of below-cover image options change.  Gone are the thumbnail images to be replaced by a batch of options more simplistic in style.

Accompanying them is a Collections Manager.  This gives the ability to rearrange the order of items (Friends, Instagram etc) that appears on the right hand side of your page.

There is also a spookily retrospective look to the way in which your Timeline posts appear - because they've been made wider in the left hand column and gone back to vertical alignment of posts.  All of a sudden you could be forgiven for thinking you're back to the much loved Facebook Wall of old!

We're also hearing that Highlighted posts no longer span the width of the page.  If this is the case then we'll be hugely disappointed if the feature restriction is extended to Brand pages - because it is a remarkably powerful tool for emphasising video content amongst others.

Your Relationship status has been removed from Timeline altogether too.

Our advice to all corporate and individual users is to keep an eye on your Facebook page over the coming days.  Deployment in Europe is likely to be within 72 hours if past experience proves reliable.

Facebook is still not revealing any of the changes in formal update announcements - so you may well discover new features at the same time we do!



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