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Facebook training courses

Knowing the feature-set of a social media platform inside out is of little use if you can't create an arena to attract your audience.

Fortunately, for those moments when you're in need of inspiration, help is at hand.

Facebook Studio is a source of fantastic creative resource that highlights the very best Facebook campaigns from some of the worlds biggest brands.  You'll also find a wealth of information from which you can draw greater knowledge.

The site gives perhaps the best description of itself - "be inspired by examples of great campaigns from around the world, and find resources to help you strengthen your Facebook strategies."

The site contains 3 main areas that all Facebook marketeers will find of use:

The Gallery

This highlights the best in creative marketing on Facebook, with videos and stills from brands across the globe.  You'll have heard of many of them but Facebook Studio also focuses on some of the lesser known names that have produced excellent Facebook campaigns.

Facebook training courses

Learning Lab

The Labs demonstrate how to perform a number of useful Facebook tasks, many with accompanying videos.  The choice of content isn't extensive at present but still gives you some useful pointers.


The site blog makes for a very interesting read at times.  They cover all manner of social media topics and the subjects are often covered in depth.

You'll also find a number of online webcasts with various people from the world of social media and online marketing.


In our opinion the sites best feature by far is the opportunity, via The Gallery, it gives you to examine some of the best and most successful Facebook campaigns.

Visually it often demonstrates just what can be achieved in social media.  Technically it'll give you an insight into some of the more complex techniques that can be deployed for truly worthwhile campaigns.

In many cases you might find yourself thinking that you don't have the resources to achieve the same levels of campaign that is featured on the site.  However, we think that'll be missing the point.  It's there to show you what can be achieved and stir thought, creativity and allow you to develop your own ideas from.

All in all it's a site thay any Facebook marketeer would do well to visit every few months. 




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