Facebook Timeline - A step too far?

Facebook Timeline

Last month Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of the Facebook Timeline at the F8 conference. A radical redesign, arguably the most radical redesign, of Facebook since it's launch back in 2004.

We have been asking ourselves here at Social Media Training what that means for us, and more importantly, you!

With still no official launch date, we are eager to see the changes as they come to the fore over the coming weeks, but we ask, do people want it? Timeline is an overall view of the major events of your life, and users are invited to 'fill in the blanks' of their life dating back till your birth, way before the invention of social media platforms (in my case at least). It will completely redefine the way Facebook is used. But is this just a step too far?

By the initial reviews springing up around the internet, Timeline seems like a huge improvement to the way Facebook both appears and works, although, as with all things online, fierce criticism has already been directed Facebook's way, with accusations this is just another way to appeal to advertisers with more user data. Other critics have concerns about information people would previously not have known pre-timeline.

We are going to wait until we have Timeline to use for ourselves for a full review of the update, but it will be interesting to see how Google+ responds to the moving away of the popular 'status feed' operation currently used by Facebook, and recently launched by themsleves...


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