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If you've not noticed already, Facebook has launched a sub-site dedicated to telling the stories of some of its millions of users.

Facebook Stories focuses on the plight, journey, recollections and writings of those who Facebook have selected to feature in the launch programme for the site.

However - it's not a closed platform. 

Indeed Facebook are asking for users to submit their stories for consideration for future publication.  Now, that doesn't mean that the tale you can tell of your cat jumping in the back of the car and coming to work with you one day will make it to the screens of millions - but if you're a brand, organisation or individual with a genuinely interesting story to tell, who knows?

The launch selection is centred on the theme of "Remembering", but there'll be others to follow. 

Facebook Stories

However, you'll need to ensure your story emphasises how the social media giant helped you in your story.  The point is that Facebook want to know your stories that involve them.  How has the creation of the platform aided something you've done?  What have you done with it that you couldn't have done without it?

Make no mistake - your story will have to be top notch and well delivered, but Facebook are still presenting an opportunity.

Of course this isn't something particularly new.  Twitter published a Twitter Stories site a long time ago and you can still tweet them on a dedicated hashtag to tell them your "Twitter Story".

Twitter Stories

Of the two sites (Facebook v Twitter) there is no doubt more editorial effort has gone into the Facebook version.  Then again, the Twitter version isn't meant to be full stories.  It gives reasonably short summaries of a users 'story' instead of a much more detailed article as written on Facebook Stories.

Both might be use to you though - if you can generate or already have a story worthy of their consideration.




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