Facebook Quitters? Were they right?

Dislike Facebook?

Do you remember the day? Do you remember the hype?

On 31st May 2011, a relatively impressive 39,427 committed members quit Facebook.

Their actions were aimed at objecting to Facebook's privacy features (something that Facebook has since tried to address, only to come under further criticism from some) and its intentions of data capture for advertising purposes.

Now five months on since this, Social Media Training asks, "were they right?"

We're not sure there is a yes/no answer to the question, but they certainly haven't stopped the growth of Facebook.

Despite their protest it was not quite the 'thorn in the side' the movement would have liked. Only yesterday morning we visited Facebook's official statistics page where it showed 750 million active users. When returning later in the day the number had jumped to 800million. (This number was officially announced at the f8 conference last month).

Facebook is still growing, and rapidly.

So, what does this mean for your business? Facebook is still one of the popular platforms, but one which is still growing globally.  Businesses with a Facebook presence are denying themselves the opportunity of a truly global shop window.

For help with Facebook and how it can help your business as a marketing tool, take a look at the Social Media Facebook Training Course.


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