Facebook Likes soar on mobiles

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A recent survey has revealed a rise of 280% in the number of Likes on Facebook pages coming from users on mobile devices.

PageLever, a US based Facebook analytics company, compared Likes from mobile devices from May through to August 2012.

The results show that whilst only 5% of new page Likes came from mobile devices in May, this had increased to an eye-opening 19% of all new Likes in August.

Their sample set took over 500 Facebook pages, each of which had over 100,000 fans.

The rise comes at a time in which Facebook rolled out its mobile advertising system (June) but it would be difficult to attribute such a significant increase to this alone (one reason being we don't know how many of the sample set pages were using paid for mobile advertising).

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Mobile access to Facebook has been soaring for a long time now, with current statistics suggesting that users spend more time browsing the site from a mobile device than they do on a traditional desktop computer. 

What impact this has on social media marketing is interesting.  Facebook on mobile devices, particularly through the Facebook app, does appear differently.  Whilst your content is still entirely visible, there is no doubt that a degree of visual impact is lost.

To begin with, the Highlight function won't appear to span a page as it does on a desktop, because clearly the width isn't available and a smartphone or tablet device is running an application that displays content in a more rigid style.

We're inclined to think that the increase in Likes will continue and that the 19% rise will drop as you look at brand pages with lesser followers.  If a proportion of the 19% is attributable to paid for advertising then this will certainly be the case, as small organisations spend considerably less on Facebook marketing.

It's one to watch though.  You should factor in the sheer volume of mobile users when considering your Facebook content, and it's always wise to look at recently published items on a mobile device as soon as possible.

It's well known that most people simply check content on the device they've published it on and forget to check its impact elsewhere - and if you're writing it on a desktop and more people are viewing it on a mobile device...it's not something you can afford to forget about.



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