Facebook Forces Changes

Facebook Pages Changes

By now, you will have probably picked up a theme from this Social Media Blog? We are big advocates of Social Media. Naturally. We here at SMT are huge believers that you do indeed get back what you put into your social media, as long as you are doing things right.

We have often supported the use of custom landing pages when it comes to business pages on Facebook, but now changes are being made by the website that will force a change in the way you look at pages.

We have already commented on the timeline features currently creeping into peoples personal pages, and now all of the business pages are going to be forced to have the same layout.

So what do we think? Well, similar to the personal timeline layout, we go against the larger general opinion, and we actually quite like it! We find the new layout after a day of getting used to it seems to just be better organised. It also allows for a much more appealing design than the current structure with an impressive header, which you will often find on most websites!

What do you think about the changes being forced through so quickly though? Having to be forced in by the end of March. We are sure there will be alot of web design companies receiving alot of phone calls from clients asking for a cover photo design in the very near future!


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