Europe likes it

Europe loves Social Media

As if we didn't know already, a recent survey has revealed that Europe is in love with social media.

Some of the highlights of the survey do make for interesting reading though.

Facebook alone now pervades the lives of 223 million Europeans, making it Facebook's biggest continent for users.  However, we're not just a big continent in terms of use - we're also continuing to expand that use at a rapid rate with only Asia growing quicker.

Awareness of Facebook as a brand is close to 100% in Europe too, although the likes of Twitter, Google+, Badoo and Odnoklassniki also had high levels of brand recognition.  Oh and if you're sat thinking "What is Odnoklassniki?" - it's a Russian social media platform rather like Friends Reunited, aimed at keeping classmates in touch.

One statistic that did surprise was that use of the internet in the United Kingdom seems to be sticking at around 84%.  That is, 8 out of 10 residents use the world wide web.

This compares to the following numbers for other countries around the world (selected):




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