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Whilst David Cameron's speech about an EU referendum might not set a trend for the same being offered in other European countries, it has certainly set the trend for Twitter in the UK today.

If you were looking to publish any EU related news, be it business related, marketing, branding or recruitment - today is the day that the #eu hashtag comes to the fore.

Since Cameron made his speech about giving the UK a referendum on EU Membership (after the next general election), Twitter has seen huge rises in traffic connected with a variety of hashtags.

The #eu hashtag normally sees an average of between 300-400 tweets in a 24 period.  At 8am today it delivered 4,500+ tweets in an hour.


David Cameron sets Twitter trending in the UK

David Cameron sets Twitter trending


Cameron himself sees an average of around 100 tweets an hour - today that stood at a peak of 3,600 in less than 60 minutes.

The hashtag specifically created to collate tweets on the subject (#euspeech) has seen even more with an impressive 4,700+ tweets in an hour, dropping to 1,900 by 10.30am today.

So, if you've genuine views, news or opinion on the subject, or you want to know what your customers think about it, or even just express the fact that didn't William Hague reveal this a couple of days ago.... today is the day for your brand to join the discussion.


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