Does Twitter forget the rest of the world?

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We love Twitter.  Its sheer power to connect, research and engage in super-fast time is unparalleled in our opinion.  It never fails to deliver.

Except today.  As much as we admire what has been built and the power it gives people, not to mention the knowledge it communicates because of the community it has created, on occasion it lets you down.

Today is such a day.  Our sentiment comes as a result of what we can only describe as a week of what appears to be an isolated approach to the rest of the world.  Not from the community - but from Twitter themselves.

Take a look at the Twitter blog.  You can see it by clicking on the link below.  You could be forgiven for thinking that, in the minds of those at Twitter Central, nothing existed outside of North America last week. 

Twitter Blog - is there life outside of the USA this week

Unfortunately, and we do mean 'unfortunately', their blog appears to have been updated by someone who is incapable of acknowledging that there are other things happening in other parts of the world - all of which are being discussed on Twitter!

Let's look at what we mean.

Here's a list, from today and going back in time, of the most recent Twitter blog entries.

The first thing we'll acknowledge is that the Presidential debate blog items are to be expected.  With a huge amount of tweet volume and worldwide interest, who can argue with them?  Not us.

However, we do wonder if Twitter couldn't have found something better to blog about than Fall (Autumn to those of us in the UK) TV programmes (not to mention the fact they get mentioned twice) and US-centric sports in the same week?

Twitter will no doubt say they're based on tweet volume.  But wouldn't you think they could look at other continents and write their blog articles on something of a cyclical basis?  This is a platform with a presence in 50+ countries after all.

This is a big world.  It's a huge online community - all of whom support Twitter in the publication and propagation of content.  With that in mind, we're perplexed as to why over a week of blog content has been entirely North American centred.

If you go back a few weeks (click the "Older" button at the bottom of the blog page) you'll find there is more about the NFL but it's interspersed with content on the Middle East, Africa, a Japan-centric article and new feature discussion.  In other words, it is varied and it is entirely understandable. 

According to a recent report from GlobalWebIndex, the USA is responsible for around 23% of all tweets.  So, the other 77% is coming from where?

Asia, Europe, South America, Australasia and beyond.  Naturally.

So this is a little more than a polite request.  Twitter, whoever has been responsible for your blog content this week...please remind them there is life outside of the United States in a week!






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