Creative use of profile pictures

Social media training - creative Facebook page branding

When we're discussing Facebook brand pages with clients it often makes for very interesting conversation.  The Facebook cover of many companies is often overlooked as a branding opportunity of any real creativity.

However, there are some organisations that make the most of the branding and impact value that Facebook offers in quite superb style.

With that in mind we thought it would be a good time to cover an often missed part of any Facebook home page - the potential for your Profile Image.

Most companies will use the small square profile image to display their brand logo.  It's the most obvious thing to do and also very easy to implement.

Some brands have seen that this small and seemingly matter-of-fact space has another use - to make it part of the overall timeline cover image. 

Because of its position, to the lower left of the timeline image but inset with a border, it lends itself to creative thinking and can be exploited to give your page that something special.

If you're wondering what we mean, take a look at the clever use of this space below...

Nike Football

Facebook training courses - Nike Football Timeline Cover


Creative use of the profile image space sees the Nike Football logo clearly displayed.  However, using a section of the main timeline cover image they've achieved what looks like a single cover image.  In reality, it is of course another image very precisely cropped and sized so it fits perfectly when displayed alongside the main image.


Old Spice UK

Facebook training courses - Old Spice UK brand page


The Old Spice UK page has adopted the very same technique as Nike Football, but in this case they've used it to depict the product itself - a can of Old Spice.  Again, this is nothing more than clever use of space and precise cropping of the profile image but it working incredibly well.  The focus it gives the product is fantastic.



Facebook training courses - Fanta Timeline Cover


Fanta are currently running a 3D promotion - so don't think the image is blurred.  It is, but deliberately so because you need to wear 3D glasses to see it as they want you to.  So in this case we've got two creative processes being used - the position and use of the profile image itself, but bringing in 3D too.  Try and get a pair of 3D glasses and look at this one, it's very good indeed.


Individual Page

Facebook training courses - ET Timeline Cover


Finally, how's this for something completely different?  Isn't it fantastic?  It's an individual page belonging to Giuseppe Draicchio and we think it's one of the most effective timeline covers we've ever seen.  The cover image is designed so his 'arm' is positioned perfectly in line for a custom profile image to link up with it.



The technical requirements in achieving this kind of impact aren't high.  Yes you'll need a good designer or be reasonably well versed with a graphic design package yourself, but other than that it's all about creative thinking and positioning.

If these pages or the concept in general provides inspiration or ideas, let us know.  We always like to hear of your own creations and we'll happily showcase the best of them in the future.


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