Content is King

Facebook Content is Key to Success

Business are always trying to come up with the newest and best ways to grab your attention and stand out from the crowd in their marketing campaigns. This is no different when it comes to their Social Media marketing campaigns. Whether it be splash pages, fancy profile pictures, custom apps for businesses and other useful Facebook techniques, businesses are always trying to lure you in.

However, in a recent study using eye-tracking webcams by Mashable, content has proved to be the true winner.

As the image shows, the most looked at part of a Facebook Business Profile Page is.... The Wall!

Almost 100% of the people surveyed looked first at the wall of the page. 85% also noticed the small pictures above the wall - so make sure you are using these to the best of your ability with relevent content!

Two of the biggest obvservations from the study are :

  1. It is an age old advertising know how, once again proven correct. Simply put : 'sex sells'... The only Facebook page in the study where the profile picture was noticed first more than the wall was that of Victoria Secrets, where the image is of a semi naked attractive woman. (Also, profile pictures containing faces are more likely to be noticed than those without.)
  2. A picture says a thousand words - well, not strictly true, but profiles with more images captivate the attention of your audience more than largely text based pages.

Make sure that you are using the right techniques to fully utilise Social Media Marketing to aid and grow your business. To find out how, or get your staff trained up, be sure to enquire about some of our Social Media Training courses. Details are on our main website.


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