Consumers use social media for research

Social Media Research

A recent study has revealed a large rise in the number of consumers using social media platforms for research purposes ahead of making a purchase.

The study publishes an incredible insight into how the basic search for reviews on products online, via traditional methods such as Google, is being hit by social media users asking questions, for opinion, feedback and satisfaction ratings, on the platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  They also use YouTube for an increasing number of product reviews.

One of the statistics shows that 53% of consumers now use Facebook to interact with brands.  We find that figure difficult to believe on the face of it, but there is little doubt that the number of users that visit brand pages before making a purchase has seen a considerable rise in recent times.

Of more value is the data that shows 1 in 5 users on Facebook will use the site to research a product or brand at least once a week.  We seen this on a daily basis, whether it is through asking the opinion of friends or searching for the product or brand in question, it is a very obvious area of user interest and Facebook offers immediate and real-world feedback.

The survey even lists the main web presences that influence consumer purchase, with these being shown as the Brand Website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

So there you have it – if you're already monitoring social media channels for your own brand feedback and comment, you need to start – and quickly!


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