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The generation of content is something most social media managers, administrators or agencies often find to be a challenge.

How do you ensure a constant stream of interesting, stimulating and engaging social media content that keeps your various channel feeds alive?

One method we've long advocated for many organisations is not to forget the very people they're trying to generate for - the audience.  Asking an audience to give feedback is usually only thought of as being text based reaction.  Perhaps they'll occasionally send you an image, if you're lucky.

What about video content?  How do you manage any incoming submissions and sift out the gems from the rest?

At this point most people think it must be a complex and resource intensive process that they simply don't have time for.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

YouTube has a solution.  What's more, it can deployed quickly and with just a reasonable level of technical intervention.

YouTube Direct is a system that can be embedded on a website.  It offers a direct user-facing method for anyone to submit a video to you. 

YouTube Direct deployed on website

As you can see in the screenshot above, YouTube Direct allows you to let users select an option and immediately upload content.

That statement in isolation might send shivers up the spine of most social media managers.  However, fear not, YouTube also provide a moderation system for you to decide what happens to video content from that point.

YouTube Direct moderation system


The moderation system lets you see all the information you'd expect about submitted content and you then make a decision as to where it goes from there.

The possibilities are almost endless, from coverage of your events via visitor submitted videos, or what your audience is up to with your products.  Perhaps if you're a tourist attraction they could upload videos to show what a fantastic time they're having at your venue? 

If you need social media training on YouTube Direct then we probably don't need to tell you we can help, but in the meantime take a look at their website page dedicated to the service on the link below.

YouTube Direct page


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