8 social media Pinterest resources

Pinterest training courses

Pinterest is rapidly becoming a valuable resource for all manner of well organised information.

Whatever your field of interest, you'll find Boards and Pinners populating the social media site with new content on an almost minute by minute basis.

Social media is an area in which content has built over time.

Pinterest now holds a good variety of Boards that anyone in a social media marketing or customer service role will find useful.

No matter what your preferred platform or combined mechanisms for communicating your message and brand, Pinterest has Boards for you.

So, we've put together a list of what we think are the 8 most useful Boards we've found to date.  We readily admit that 2 of them are ours, but as we're adding to them so regularly we think you'll find them of value (and, as with everything on these Boards, it's free to use information).

Here's the best of the best, in our opinion:


Everyone's Social Media Resource

With over 4,000 followers and 5,000 pins, the popularity of this Board speaks for itself.  Anyone can add content to it by asking the creator to allow you to be a contributor, but the quality of content has been kept reasonably well and its sheer audience means it regularly delivers new information.

Social media training Pinterest resources


Digital Marketing

Niranjan Sridharan's board on digital marketing has amassed almost 600 pins and the range of infographics is impressive.

Social media training Pinterest resources


Social Media Campaigns

A good collection of over 50 pins that look at successful, unusual or innovative social media campaigns from a variety of marketing channels.

Social media training Pinterest resources


Social Media Infographics

This is our own collection of pins related to social media - all of which are Infographics of varying shapes and sizes.  We've put together over 80 infographics that cover everything from Facebook to Pinterest itself and everything inbetween.

Social media training Pinterest resources



A strong collection of over 130 pins dedicated to Facebook from Michael Pinard.  You'll find Facebook tips, infographics, images and technical help on this board.

Social media training Pinterest resources



A collaboration of pins from numerous contributors, dedicated to the Google+ social media network.  There's content related to posting, shortcut tips, business use and plenty of humour to accompany it.

Social media training Pinterest resources


Social Media Articles

Another contribution from ourselves.  We post our own blog article on Pinterest through this board and at present there is in excess of 50 pins on it.  It's a useful way of another channel giving you the opportunity to keep up to date with all the articles we publish and, as you'll know if you're a regular reader of this blog, we try to publish new content daily.

Social media training Pinterest resources



Almost a hundred pins on the professional social media network.  Content covers searching, profile settings, apps and marketing hints and tips. 

Social media training Pinterest resources


Hopefully there's a Pinterest board for everyone above, but if you've discovered any that you think deserve a mention - let us know.  We're always looking out fot the best new social media resources.



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