8 out of 10 Facebook advertisers would use again

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In a headline that reminds us of the old Whiska's cat food slogan, new survey data reveals that 84% of companies that have used Facebook paid-for advertising would use it again.

The US based survey of over 700 advertisers revealed that those that have adopted the platform are generally very pleased with it, but it is still to garner widespread support.

CitiBank and Advertising Age conducted the research that shows more than two thirds of regular advertisers still haven't explored the potential of Facebook advertising.

Over 70% of those that took part hadn't use the "Sponsored story" style of advertisement or any other form on Facebook.

With 84% of those that have used Sponsored Stories saying they would use the platform again, and 80% being very pleased or somewhat pleased, Facebook will be pleased to see endorsement of their platforms.


Facebook Advertising reveals high percentage of satisfaction


However, the survey also revealed that Facebook has yet to convince people it offers a platform capable of beating the results from the likes of Google AdWords.  30% of people thought it was inferior to Google, against 24% believing it was better.  The remaining balance assessed it as being equal with Google.

What did stand out was that Facebook advertising is making progress, albeit slowly.  The volume of advertisers using Facebook organically is large at 85%.  Of those marketeers, over 60% now consider Facebook paid-for advertising as opposed to 55% less than a year earlier.

There is little doubt from what we've seen ourselves that more companies are becoming aware of Facebook advertising, with Promoted Posts being particularly attractive to many.

However, there is still a question to be asked in the UK.  If the US figure of "85% of companies" using Facebook for marketing organically is correct then we're lagging a long way behind.  UK businesses have quickened their pace and have never been more aware of the benefits of social media marketing, but most still adopt an immature and unplanned approach.

We'll keep watching for any changes in the uptake of Facebook advertising and bring any developments to you via this blog as soon as possible.



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