LinkedIn recommends connecting with Family and Friends

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28th October, 2019

LinkedIn has published a blog article and video in which it gives connection recommendations that include your Family and Friends.

What might appear to be an unusual recommendation for family connections is explained by LinkedIn as follows:

"They know you best and are most likely to provide ongoing support in your professional career. And keep in mind, building your professional network on LinkedIn isn’t about quantity, it’s about the quality. A good initial goal is 30 connections and there are many ways to easily find and connect with the people you know. Once you do, you’ll really start to see the power of LinkedIn pay off."

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On the one hand, there is undoubtedly value in connecting with some of your family on LinkedIn. On the other, care should be taken to ensure they're actually going to add value to the members they expose you to. Indeed, there is an element of what LinkedIn say about quality over quantity that is perhaps the most important thing they've written.

We're often told by clients that they've amassed 700+ or thousands of connections with no real tangible gain being seen beyond the numbers. How you leverage those connections and ensuring they give you visibility in the audience you seek to promote yourself is by far the most important factor.

You can read the full LinkedIn article (and watch the video) by clicking here.

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