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12th June, 2019

LinkedIn has launched a 'social impact project' in Grimsby to see whether an online community can "have a profound impact on a real-world community".

LinkedIn's official announcement, via their blog, says this about Grimsby and the project:

"Famous for its once thriving fishing industry, the project will look at how the power of an online community can help people to access new jobs and careers in an area that has experienced some hard times. Linking potential to untapped opportunity. We will be following the lives of four different people as they search for new opportunities in the area using LinkedIn, capturing their journey in the form of a short documentary series."

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We're delighted to see that one of the social media giants has chosen a UK town as the base for this project. Companies tend to choose US based locations and, on the odd occasion that they venture outside of the United States, it is rare (if not a first), to see a town like Grimsby chosen to participate. Heritage and history over-looked all too often when these towns can give true demonstrations of how powerful an online community can be.

LinkedIn go as far as to admit they're unsure if it'll be a success or not, but they're willing to give it a try.

You can read the full LinkedIn announcement by clicking here.

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