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Request a QuoteSocial media training have worked with luxury scented candles and luxury scented diffusers brand, Only & Eve, prior to their launch and to the present day.

Working with their board of directors and management team, we cultivated a strategy that has seen their brand visibility reach huge audiences across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

In a market with well-established and global brands, a single tweet they sent in December 2017 received impressions of over 750,000 and was engaged with by over 50,000 - on Twitter alone.
We've trained them to make best use of the stunning imagery of their scented candles and reed diffusers, how to capitalise on the failings of other major luxury candle brands and how to truly engage with potential scented candle and reed diffuser buyers on a social level.
They have averaged an engagement rate, across all platforms, of over 7.5% - a huge ratio by comparison to even the largest of global brands online. Their success with using social media to monitor competitors has been so impressive that their Commercial Director cites a remarkable example of how they've benefitted, in a way that anyone and any business can relate to:

"SMT (Social Media Training Solutions) have always stressed the importance of competitor monitoring to us. We deployed this technique on all platforms but nothing has compared to something we did on Twitter. We followed a public conversation, live, in which a customer of another brand was complaining of a price rise. We sat and watched as the conversation developed and it was evident that the competitor didn't have an answer for their complaint. We then actioned a tatic that SMT had shown and that would, without any direct connection or reply to the person, have a strong chance of showing them one of our luxury scented candle. What happened next? The person placed an order with us, online, within a total time of 12 minutes from the point we'd tracked the initial conversation!"

"This had come directly as a result of just a small element of the skills we'd learnt from SMT and continues to deliver on a daily basis.".

Only & Eve and their gorgeous range of luxury scented candles and luxury diffusers have grown, outshone (sorry for the pun!) and out-performed much large brands online through listening to our advise and implementing it - and putting a lot of effort into doing so.

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