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Request a QuoteGoogle+ was launched in 2011 amidst much press attention about it being the internet giant’s attempt to take Facebook and Twitter market share.

What most people don’t realise is that by July 2015 it had amassed over 600 million users. The internet marketing potential for Google+ is evident, particular in the design and technology sectors. It also offers a number of opportunities that some platforms don’t, specifically in respect of search engine optimisation (tips you’ll be shown on this course).

Our Google+ course is designed to introduce you to this latest of major social media platforms and demonstrate it’s features and benefits in such a way that they are specifically aimed at use within your organisation. We’ll show you why “Circles” can be so important and how Google+ let’s you interact and be seen in a way that few other channels have to this point.

You’ll learn about the “Sparks” function and how it can be used to drive new sources of targeted contacts to your website, why “Hangouts” mean instant opportunities and how Google has picked the best of business connectivity tools from its rivals and adapted them in a way that their impact can be significant.

All of our Google+ course content is delivered in a bespoke style. We won’t waste your time demonstrating things you’ll never use and you will come out of a 6 hour session with a much greater understanding of the site facilities and internet marketing potential. Furthemore, you’ll be able to do this with a clearer vision of your social media strategy in future. Our pre-course research means we carefully assess your goals and ensure you have the skills to meet them by the time the course is complete.

Google+ Training Course Content

Our courses last 6 hours on average.  If you want to book an extended course we can arrange that too.  Our trainer arrives at your site at least half an hour before the course is due to commence.  If the course needs to run over by 15-30 minutes, they’ll not object and are more than happy to answer questions and adapt content as the day progresses.

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