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9th April, 2019

Twitter has reduced the number of accounts that can be followed in a single day.

In an attempt to reduce the amount of spam accounts, Twitter has reduced the number of accounts you can follow in a single day, from 1,000 down to 400. The move is to try to prevent tactics deployed by spammers to rapidly build their followers.

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Spam accounts follow large numbers of users in the hope they'll be followed back - only to unfollow them the moment their following is reciprocated.

Twitter isn't the only social media channel to suffer from this type of activity (Instagram is well known for it) but we'd question whether the reduction to 400 is enough. Would an average and genuine account really want to follow 400 accounts in a single day? Taking it down to 200-250 would have been more effective in our view.

The change is immediate and effective now.