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3rd April, 2019

Twitter claims to have made the reported tweet appeals process 60% faster.

Occasionally, social media networks make mistales. One of them, Twitter, has acknowledged that and focused on one of the implications when a tweet results in censorship action.

If you tweet something that another user reports, and Twitter then reviews, you've a good chance of finding that the tweet is removed. You'll sometimes find that your account has been locked too.

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However, Twitter admit that they don't always get this right. Tweets can be taken out of context and accounts can be erroneously locked, something that can be immensely frustrating for users. Even greater frustration kicks in when you find out how long the process takes to appeal the decision.

Twitter has addressed this in a way that other social media channels would be advised to take note of. You can now directly appeal a decision online without having to complete a form. The new process is completed directly from the Twitter app.

You can see the Twitter announcement and a demonstration of the app process by clicking here.