Twitter relaunches business guides

Twitter for business training

Twitter has relaunched its often overlooked in-site guide for businesses.

We've mentioned this previously on a number of occasions, and the fact it is a part of the site that we've felt is both under utilised but also under valued by Twitter themselves.

The online guide, part of the main Twitter web presence, aims to provide businesses with assistance on how to use the social media platform for promoting and marketing their organisation.

If you've ever visited the old site you'll find the replacement is much easier on the eye and navigation has also improved.

The old "Basics" are still there, now split into more relevant sections and there is a worthwhile section on how to target an audience.  That said, it still delivers little more than the very basics of social media marketing and doesn't cover anything like the volume of techniques, tips, tricks and topics that it could have done (although that's what we're here for!).

Twitter for Business training


Many SME's (Small to Medium Enterprises) will be disappointed to note that most of its "Success" stories still focus on well known brand names with Porsche, Paramount Pictures and, interestingly, former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney (could the success of that choice be questionable?).

What is particularly interesting is that the "Success" stories can be filtered by industry type as well as a good selection of other criteria - yet the sections on growing your audience and targeting your market cannot.

Perhaps this is the area in which we think Twitter could see most improvement.  It might be that they realise the sheer volume of sectors and audience types are so varied that they can't possibly cover them - but they could have tried a little more in our view.

Nonetheless, the Twitter for Business online guide makes an interesting and informative read for anyone completely new to the platform.  It'll talk you through the basics, albeit in a somewhat cumbersome style, and get you on your way.

You can go directly to it by clicking here.


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