Facebook Paper launch

Facebook Paper - new mobile app launch

Facebook has announced the launch of an entirely new product, named Facebook Paper.

Due for release on February 3rd, initial impressions of the mobile app are that of a very slick, intuitive and aesthetically high impact interface that offers a new way of publishing and reading content.

Configurable viewing preferences will allow you to decide how you consume media, give options for other media you may be interested in and allow you to theme your content for others.

Paper will also introduce new features for the viewing of photographs, including a very cool looking 'tilt' feature that changes the area of a photograph you're looking at (rather like peeking around a corner).

Facebook have released an impressive launch video for you to look at what Paper does and the opportunities for new and engaging content for individuals and organisations look interesting.

Facebook Paper Launch Video

As soon as we've got our hands on Paper we'll give a fuller review and rundown of the main features and opportunities that exist.

In the meantime we've got a selection of images of the product and you can view the full launch video by clicking on the link in this article or on the introduction image above.

Facebook Training - Facebook Paper launch

Facebook Training - Facebook Paper launch

Facebook Training - Facebook Paper launch




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