Businesses ignore customer service on Twitter

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A collection of surveys suggests that businesses on Twitter continue to ignore customers who contact them on the social media network.

The combined statistics, from sources in multiple countries and accounting for the monitoring of over 10,700 businesses, reveal that organisations have yet to fully understand the vital importance of feedback and managing their online relationships.

The results also demonstrate that businesses don't seem to have identified that approximately 30% of all Twitter users have used the platform to contact a company in some way or form, be it with questions, complaints, feedback or enquiries.

The headline and somewhat shocking figure from the results shows that approximately 58% of all "question, complaint, feedback or enquiry" tweets sent to organisations are never replied to.

Twitter training courses


They're simply left to disappear into the ether with customers frustrated at a complete lack of engagement from businesses on a customer service level.

Directors and shareholders in organisations should be even more concerned when it is evident that social media users who do enjoy a positive customer service response on Twitter are shown, on average, to spend 21% more than those who don't.

Within the figures covering ignored tweets is the fact that over 70% of all complaint tweets never receive a response.

Yet, of those that do receive a reply, a mammoth 88% of customers say they considered the company worthy of recommendation, continuing their custom with them or increasing their spend with them.

Whilst many companies have been seeking to deploy social media in the last 12 months, it is increasingly apparent that few of them have quite grasped the potential of customer service through the channels.



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