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11th April, 2019

Instagram has changed it's algorithm in an effort to slow the spread of inappropriate content.

You should see fewer posts of an inappropriate nature if Instagram's latest change to it's algorithm works. The social media app has announced the move in rather unclear terms but they've made changes to their Community Guidelines that point to the type of content that will be affected.

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A good example of the type of post might be a model with few clothes on. Instagram have amended one area of their guidelines with this:

"For example, a sexually suggestive post will still appear in Feed if you follow the account that posts it, but this type of content may not appear for the broader community in Explore and hashtag pages."

In other words, if you follow the account, you're still going to see the content. If you don't the chances of stumbling across it have just become significantly less.

Over time we may notice that the new method of judging what appears in your feed could change and begin to limit a wider range of posts. Ultimately, the change is part of Facebook's current plan to reduce content of this type on all of it's platforms, and the success of the artificial intelligence at work will only be known in months to come.