Latest Social Media News

17/05/2019 - Facebook has changed the News Feed algorithm

07/05/2019 - Instagram is testing a feature that will fact-check posts

03/05/2019 - Instagram is developing a feature for private chat from Stories

27/04/2019 - Facebook releases new Instagram Creators Guide

17/04/2019 - Twitter to introduce "Hide Replies" feature

11/04/2019 - Instagram updates algorithm to reduce spread of inappropriate content

09/04/2019 - Facebook has launched a new feature for pages in memory of loved ones

09/04/2019 - Twitter has reduced the number of accounts that can be followed in a day

04/04/2019 - LinkedIn now lets you upload PDF's and Powerpoint presentations directly to your feed

03/04/2019 - Twitter has announced an improvement to their appeals process


YouTube Training

Accepting YouTube content from others


The generation of content is something most social media managers, administrators or agencies often find to be a challenge.

How do you ensure a constant stream of interesting, stimulating and engaging social media content that keeps your various channel feeds alive?

One method we've long advocated for many organisations is not to forget the very people they're trying to generate for - the audience.  Asking an audience to give ...


LinkedIn Showcase Pages


LinkedIn Training

Social media training days often result in us receiving the same question about different social media networks - why is it that the ...

Pinterest and the Weddings sector


Pinterest has long since been recognised as a social media platform where fashion and style markets can thrive.


Twitter introduce SME toolkit


Twitter have added to their growing resources for small and medium sized enterprises in the last week, this time with the introduction of their "Marketing ...